Jay Isaac, Peter Estey Fine Art’s Director and consultant, is a prominent Canadian artist, curator, consultant and business person. As an artist he has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally and his work can be found in numerous public and private collections across Canada. He has received numerous awards for his work both as an artist and publisher. As a consultant, Isaac has 25 years of experience and knowledge relating to both historical and contemporary art.

Projects include:

Consignor Canadian Fine Art Contemporary Auction, 2018. Isaac was instrumental in initiating and organizing this new endeavor by one of Canada’s top auction houses. The auction was a curated cross-section of some of Canada’s best contemporary artists and was accompanied by a print catalogue. A new artists’ prize celebrating under-recognized artists in Canada was also initiated.

@nationalgalleryofcanada Instagram account 2016-2017. The now infamous Instagram account initiated and ran by Isaac was an alternative history of Canadian art. It provided a large audience with access to Canadian art rarely seen before outside Canada let alone within Canada. The accounts name was a comment on institutional ownership and influence of what is seen and what isn’t. The account was shut down with much media fanfare but then reinstated.

Waddington’s Concrete Contemporary Auction, 2010. Isaac was an initial consultant for this ongoing series of contemporary art auction spearheaded by Waddington’s president, Stephen Ranger.

Hunter and Cook Magazine, 2009-2011. Isaac was co-founder, publisher, editor and designer of this internationally distributed, printed art quarterly. Hunter and Cook’s premise was to promote emerging and established Canadian artists to a wider audience. It was awarded several operating grants during its 10 issue run. A gallery in the same name existing in two different locations in Toronto was a offshoot of the magazine, exhibiting contemporary artists curated by Isaac.

Hunter and Cook Auction, 2010 and 2011. The Hunter and Cook auctions were fundraising auctions for the operational budget of the magazine. Both auctions were a carefully curated selection of emerging and established contemporary artists. Isaac’s 20 year involvement in auctions leading up to the two fundraiser sales was instrumental in their success.

Tim Isaac Art and Antiques, 2006-2008. Isaac oversaw the complete design, renovation and curation of the historical art gallery part of Tim Isaac Antiques in Saint John NB.

Services provided

Fundraising auction consultation. Peter Estey Fine Art provides all aspects of fundraising auction consultation from curation, marketing, and venue.

Estate downsizing. Isaac’s experience buying and selling with all the major auction houses in Canada is key in his ability to know which pieces should go where for sale. Timing and venue are key components to getting the best price for specific prices of art. His base of private collectors also allow for direct sales outside of the auction realm.

Starting or streamlining a collection. Peter Estey provides valuable knowledge and support to collectors buying, selling, or starting a collection.

  • Contemporary Art. Isaac’s involvement with the contemporary art community in Canada provides insight and forecasting on upcoming artists.

  • Historical and Modern Art. Research about overlooked artists allows for investment opportunities.